Moo Moo 100

How was Moo Moo 100 born?

Well, I had come across a vintage moo moo-like pattern in my box of many, many patterns and decided I'd make a few, get comfortable with the pattern, switch it up a bit, and blog about what I came up with. After the first few, I had requests to show them on a person ... and who is more available (at a moment's notice) for the job than me?
As it goes, I kind of am the kind of person who has a lot of creative "whims", lets call them. So, in the heat of the moo moo moment, I made the brash decision to commit to re-creating the same pattern in 100 different ways!!! Am I crazy??? I think maybe a little bit.

See my post about the original pattern here

and the post where I describe my decision to embark on such a journey here

Below I've summed everything up ....

Thanks so much for taking an interest in my little project!

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