Monday, April 22, 2013

The Dye Job

Can it be? 10 months later and I'm posting again?  Don't get too excited, no Moo Moo today. We've moved to Montreal to a smaller home (well, lower condo/row house) with MUCH less room for all of my projects and every thing that comes with them. I have yet to settle my sewing machine in a happy place, but I'm working on it.  I'm teaching an "Upcycle your Clothes" camp for kids in July, so I shall have my machines up and running well before that. I've been keeping busy over at Design Inkarnation, keeping my creative vibes vibing.

Before that, though, I'll be heading to BC, and while there, I'll be going to a wedding. I have this lovely dress a friend gave me last year that I've yet to wear. It's perfect for a spring wedding, with one flaw: it's white.  I tried to reason that I could just wear it anyway, but, alas, there will be people with eyes there, and what will they think??  As much as I like to think that I am able to live outside of social constructs, the truth is that it's really a prison that's always going to be there.  So I'll play along with this one.

We shopped last weekend to get appropriate wedding-going attire for my husband. We ended up getting him a blue shirt, which pretty much paved way for a little dress dye job.  I do love it in white, and I wanted to keep some of that. I decided to try a sort of dip method with the dye. I wet the skirt, then bundled it up with elastics. I dipped it in the dye solution to about 18  inches up the skirt and let it sit only for a minute or two, then I raised it ever so gradually until just the bottom few inches rested in the dye.  I did this outside over plastic on a table, using my clothes line to support the dress. I recommend keeping the dress on a hanger, should you try this at home.  It makes it easier to move without accidentally blemishing the upper part of the fabric with dyed fingers/gloves.

I rinsed as the box said and hung to dry. I wish I had taken a photo at this stage, but I didn't.  The elastics left a few spots that were totally white, but not in stripes like you might expect. It left white splotches that looked like pelvic bones x 2 (I kid you not) and two in the front that could have been my ovaries.  Very anatomical, but not the look I was going for.

So I hung it back over the plastic and poured small scoops of dye down the skirt. After, I went in with a paintbrush and painted in some wispy stripes on top to give it a softer gradient.  This is what it looks like now, still wet:

And now that it's dry, here is a quick snap or two of a body in it. 

The actual colour is a bit more saturated than the photos show.  I have some cute navy fishnets I'll wear with it and I even have a spiffy vintage hat ... still to be decided if  I actually wear it. 

I asked my almost 12 yr old daughter what she thought of the dress. She said, "Well, it's very you."  
Ahem. I'm not sure how I feel about that statement. Good or bad, at least it's "me".  Hopefully the people with eyes will deem it acceptable. If not, I'll win them over with my crooked smile and great personality. ;p

Moo Moo to come. Soon. Ish.

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