Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moo Moo 76 Simple Simon

Yes, it's time for Moo Moo 76 to come out into the world. Originally I started with this beige/flesh toned medium weight cotton because I was born in 76 and I figured I'd do some wacky version of a 'birthday suit'.  But, as things went, I decided on less quirky, decidedly more simple cuteness.  It's got plaid pockets! I cut out the front part of the pockets a bit (you can see best in the final photo) in a half moon shape so the plaid could shine through a wee bit.  That's a lovely textured espresso coloured vintage button at the neckline and a bandanna inspired red cotton belt.  Yeehaw!

Thanks to my daughter for taking the fab photos for me.  She says she doesn't enjoy being my photographer, but she giggles all the way through it.  xo

Thanks for stopping by. This is my last photoshoot in my suburban Ontario neighbourhood.  Next stop? Montreal.

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Jules Mae


  1. This one is so cute! The square neckline is adorable, and I love it with the belt; very chic! :)

    Yay for us '76 babies! :D

    1. Thanks! Yes, 76 - it was a good year.