Sunday, July 3, 2011


Here's the low-down.  I'm taking an unplanned break from the project while we complete renovations on our home and put it up for sale.  We're moving to the beautiful city of Montreal!  I'll be sure and post any new additions to Moo Moo 100 as I find time to work on them. Thanks for following along with me for this long!  I look forward to continuing onward.

In the meantime, All of my Moo Moos are currently on sale for $50 ea (+ shipping & handling - $10-14+). Do not purchase from my Etsy Shop, but please visit it to see what is available (

maeclothing?section_id=6970982), then post on my Facebook Page to buy and get the deal. For a limited time only.

Enjoy your summer.

Many thanks,

Jules Mae

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