Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moo Moo 70 Simply Strapless

I'm not usually one for strapless anything.  I find I'm always worried I'll have a mishap, or will be fidgeting with an uncomfortable strapless bra.  Well, this particular Moo is, in fact, strapless, and the layers of flirty ruffles are attached with an ample amount of elastic smocking to help you feel secure and not as though you're about to, you know, slip a nip.  Is that a saying?
This Moo can be worn any which way ... there is no particular front and back ... you could wear the bow in the front, or off to the side, for example.  It's your body; dress it however you want.   Below, I've shown it with the bow square in the back. This Moo is mainly made of a stretch knit, so it's pretty dang comfy, too.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a lovely Sunday.

Jules Mae

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  1. "Slip a nip"... LOL! You are so cute! This is a great style. Looks so comfy for hot summer BBQs and days at the lake :)