Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moo Moos 64 and 65 Mother and Daughter

Smocking!!  Yes, these darling moos are machine smocked with elastic thread, making them very comfortable, yet so dang cute! Having my adorable daughter, Amira, next to me certainly ups the cute factor. She's learning to sew and this was a great project for her to help with.  And yes, that's the belt on my head.  It's kind of gypsy cute, perhaps?  Or maybe I look like I suffered a major head wound? Can head wounds be attractive?

These were so much fun to make, and I'll likely employ the smocking technique more in the future.


My dress is a white cotton with tiny green polka dots.  Amira is wearing gingham shorts under her gingham dress, complete with a heart shaped pocket.

Find Moo Moo 64 (the one I'm modeling) for sale on Etsy.   Moo Moo 65 is now a part of Amira's wardrobe :)

This coming Friday, I'll be at Brocante Lux. Come by and try on a Moo!

Happy Easter!  Enjoy your long weekend.

Best Wishes,

Jules Mae

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  1. The moo moos are great but I have to say the pictures are better.