Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moo Moo 59 Vintage Cowboys

Cowboys?  Yeah, if you look carefully, you'll notice the aqua-ish fabric has a rather darling cowboy print on it.  I've been hanging on to this material for awhile, not wanting to use it haphazardly. It's married to two shades of blue cotton, and there is a little applique scattering of hearts on the back shoulder. Oh, and let's not forget the random scattering of small ribbon bows on the front sash ... they are the same colour aqua as the fabric, so they are camouflaged in the photos.

Yes, this is another WRAP Moo. Exciting, right? Wrap it over leggings, a slip, a swimsuit, just your skivvies .... whatever floats-yer-boat.

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Jules Mae