Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moo Moo 58 - Wraptastic!

58 Moos into this project, and I've finally found a way to add some shape to this otherwise shapeless garment.  It's a wrap!  Yup, the side seams are completely open and lend themselves nicely to the whole wrap idea.  I've included some lovely vintage blue velvet ribbon at the waistline and at the mandarin collar for tying. The slit into the neckline is off center and quite deep. I'm wearing a full slip underneath, allowing for a little, but not at all inappropriate, peek-a-boo.
This is a great, flirty yet sophisticated, easy to wear dress, perfect for day, evening, and resort wear.  Like all of my projects, this moo is made from reclaimed fabrics - in this case, cotton.

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Enjoy your week, it's one week nearer to spring!

Jules Mae

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