Sunday, February 27, 2011

Moo Moo 57 - Do the Wave

I had finished this earlier in the week in order to be prepared to for Brocante Lux. I brought it with me and hadn't photographed it yet.  Looking at it hanging there on the hanger, I thought it looked rather boring.  But then, the following day, I put it on and got out the camera. And HOORAY! It's fun.
Yes, never judge a Moo by it's hanger.  Try it on!!!!  Love. Oh, and it's got two small silver buttons to close the neckline up, if you prefer ... forgot to feature that in the photos. It's darling.

I cut a higher arc in the front hemline, which seems to add to it's whimsy. I had intended on making this a MooCho (Moo Moo meets Poncho), but I ended up closing up the side seams for a full on Moo Moo effect.  ~Yes, I am wearing fish net knee highs over my leggings. Don't judge me.  It just felt like the right thing to do at the time. Cute, right?

Now you can purchase right here!

Or you can find it on my Etsy page, along with many more fab moos.

Brocante Lux was fun ... we're back there on March 25th! Save your pennies :)

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Jules Mae

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