Sunday, February 20, 2011

Moo Moo 56 Oh Where is Spring?

Where art though Spring? Here in Niagara last week, we were cruelly taunted by a pre-spring thaw, which only lasted a day and a half before freezing temperatures set in once again. In my optimism, this Moo Moo is dedicated to the onset of Spring, whenever it should decide to show up.

Made from a found stretch knit fabric, this Moo is easy to wear. The tie has rounded ends and come to a graceful v-shape in the middle. This tie can also double as a head scarf (babushka-like), or wear around your neck. I'm wearing a light slip underneath the Moo, as the fabric is quite lightweight. It would be a great accompaniment to your swimwear at the beach - look at me! Talking Summer already!

Photographs were taken, somewhat reluctantly, by my daughter :)
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Enjoy your Sunday!

Jules Mae

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