Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moo Moo 53 - Shades of Blue

Okay, so I didn't really create anything from my drawings last week, except maybe the bib idea from the first sketch. I added a hood and a corresponding stripe of loud fabric down one arm to tie it all together.
This is a lightweight moocho. The lighter blues are striped (one narrow, and one wide selection), running adjacent to each other, creating a sense of harmony.

I haven't done a lot of blues so far in this project. It feels very peaceful and serene, yet still textured and playful. The sleeves are extra long ... a nice place to tuck into on a breezy day.

This harmonious MooCho is for sale here.
Thanks for stopping in to have a look.
My clothing racks are FULLLLLLL!  I'm considering having a HUGE sale. How do you feel about a "name your price" kind of sale?  Yeah or No? I really get a kick out of it when people are bold enough to ask for a discount, so maybe I should encourage it?  Now I'm talking all kinds of crazy!!  I'd love to hear some feedback on this idea.

Talk to you soon,

Jules Mae

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