Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moo Moo #47 Pattern and Texture

My intentions were to use this fabric for a Moo-cho, but along the way, I decided to make it a full-on Moo.  It was time to bring back the mandarin collar and teardrop peekaboo neckline. The upper bodice is made of a medium weight cotton twill ... orange and brown stripes :)  I gotta tell you, I was never intending to us this fabric in a dress. On it's own it somehow just felt too autumn specific ... like it screamed Halloween or Turkey Lurkey.  However, when paired with this fabulous textured beige and colour-speckled fabric, and the brown wool, I think it really works!  It's quirky and different, but it works.  I'm often surprised and delighted at how pairing one texture/pattern with another can breathe a spectacular life into an otherwise undesirable fabric. It's great fun to experiment! 
 The belt is my own, and of course, you can use any belt to highlight your waistline.

This moo is for sale on ETSY.

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Jules Mae


  1. Super cute! It's very autumn... perfect for this season. I love the neck detail. Good job!