Sunday, November 7, 2010

Moo Moo #46 Moo-Cho Lite

The Moo-Cho is so much fun that I've felt compelled to keep heading in that direction. My first Moo-Cho is here. This is a much lighter weight option. Great to wear over leggings, or an nice pair of SLACKS (lol, love that word).
One sleeve has a randomly pleated pink ruffle, and the neck and hemline are finished with satin bias tape. I've included two flowers I created from fabric remnants (the same fabric as the Moo-Cho). The Moo-Cho fabric is a 'rescued' fabric remnant. My best guess is that it is a cotton blend. It's a light beige colour and has a very tiny stripe pattern on it in the same tone, but in a slightly shinier thread. Very classy.

This Moo-Cho is for sale on Etsy.

Thanks for stopping in! More to come soon.


Jules Mae