Sunday, November 14, 2010

A-line Skirt

While I am working on Moo Moo 47, I put it on the back burner this week in order to create a custom order A-line skirt for a young hip gal, Eva.
When it came down to the finer details such as the placement of the applique, and pocket piping, etc, this project really became a collaborative art piece between Eva and myself.  So much fun!  She had a loose idea of a direction she wanted to go and I helped her piece together a cohesive vision.  I love working with adventurous people :)

Next week, Moo Moo 47!

Thanks for stopping by,

Jules Mae


  1. Nicely done, both of you! A little bit of black 'makes it', doesn't it? Love it!

  2. Thanks Steph. It's actually dark brown, but it's hard to tell in the photos. That was really Eva's insistence. She loved how it set everything off :)