Sunday, October 17, 2010

Moo Moo 45 The Moo-cho

They both bent down to pick up the bag of lentils that had bumped to the cold linoleum floor in the ethnic food section. One's hand grazed the other's, and when their eyes met ... they knew. And even to this day, when asked how they knew, the only answer they can muster is, "we just knew, and that was it".

Yes, that was the day the Moo Moo met the Poncho. Love at first sight. And not so long after, born to them was the joyful, clever and ever so darling Moo-cho. Behold!
Oh, and what's a moo-cho without something to play with? Introducing a new line of fascinator accessories, by Jules Mae. These will retail at $35-45 each. More to come!!
Thanks for stopping by!  This Moo Moo will soon be listed on Etsy. Check back here in the next day or two and I'll provide the direct link.

Warm regards,

Jules Mae


  1. Love the fascinators! Must have! Love the moo-cho! You are such a clever girl!