Sunday, October 10, 2010

Moo Moo 44 Turkey With the Girls Turkey With the Boys

"my favorite kind of pants are corduroy"
It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Time for friends and family and turkey, and most importantly, stuffing.  Now, all of that good eating is going to require a forgiving waistline. Many folks claim to have pants specifically for turkey-eatin' time. What about a moo moo?  Very forgiving, and stylish.
This moo was built without a coordinating belt ... instead, I figured you could wear it without, or match it with your favorite STRETCHY belt, like the one I model here. (Oh, the title and words appliqued on the front skirt are from the SNL classic Thanksgiving Song (aka, Turkey Song ) by Adam Sandler, in case you were wondering...) I added a v-neck in the back --- sexy back .  I edged it with a natural toned billowy/feather-like-ish trim, and swirled it into a rosette at the back v.  The white specks in the patterned cotton are tiny hearts (awe) and the pocket is a fabric remnant from Moo Moo 42! Have look!
Ooh, in this last photo I've got my feather boa and my serious starving model look on my face. I guess that means I'm ready for Turkey ....

Happy Thanksgiving all, and thanks for stopping in to check in on the Moos!
Moo Moo 44 is for sale on Etsy!!

Jules Mae

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  1. Your belt looks like dark chocolate to me - and I love chocolate with pink. Your Moo is yummy!