Sunday, October 24, 2010

Leggings Schmeggings

So, I am in the need of a pair of light coloured leggings to wear with a moo moo for Halloween ... a friend asked if I was going to make them and I chuckled and said, "noooo".

Well, I got to thinking, and thinking led to doing, and doing led to this ....
The Moo-cho is, of course, last week's Moo, but I paired it with the leggings so you could see the colourful waistband.  Ideally, I would wear these under one of my slightly longer Moos, like the Princess Leia, or the Double Rainbow, so you wouldn't see the waistband anyway. But it's fun and sassy to have a little colour and pattern saved just for you, right?
These are a prototype.  You may not be able to notice in these photos, but the seaming is down the center front and back of the legs. The fabric is vintage, and has a bit of stretch to it, but next pair I will certainly choose a stretchier material. More forgiving, I would think.
I had hoped to create Moo Moo 46 to coordinate with these leggings, but, in the interest of trying to move myself into a more balanced life, I decided to for-go the moo this round. It's all about balance, isn't it?

On Friday you can find me and many talented artists at Brocante Lux, St. Catharines, 11am-8pm! I'll be the one wearing the Princess Leia Moo Moo and leggings :)  Come dressed up!  You could win $50 Brocante Lux Bux to spend at the market!

Thanks for stopping in,

Jules Mae

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