Monday, October 4, 2010

Art of Fashion 2010

On Saturday I was at the annual Art of Fashion event during Nuit Blanche in Toronto.
I met so many fantastic people ... designers, media, fashion enthusiasts and horny men ... young and old. Ha! Let me work that last addition out a bit for you.
My booth happened to be directly in front of one designer in the competition (Amber Watkins, I believe). She had quite a lovely display - quite like a Georges Seurat or a Renoir composition - with live models wearing her delicate lingerie creations.  I have quite a lot of respect for these models as they endured oglers all night - not all of them there for the art, I'm sure. My clothing rack, at one point actually served as an arm rest and a surface on which to rest one's coffee (gasp!!) for some poor smitten dude and his comrade as they peered over my display into the near naked abyss of art history come alive. Yes there happened by quite a few men of all ages, who stopped frequently for long pauses to reflect on the art before them. I kind of felt in the way a bit, not that I was much of an obstacle. Those young women stood fairly still on high heels, in underwear for 7 hours.
Unfortunately, I did not get a shot of the actual composition, but these are the brave gals that I've been rambling about.
In contrast, I was fully dressed, and wore high heels for about 5 hrs, then I had to put my ballet slippers on. And it's two days later and my feet still hurt.  High heels elongate the leg, add height, add a lot of sex appeal, and let's face, it, POWER.  Totally not worth it.  I think I need to find a well made, non-foot mangling pair of heels ... until then I'll stick to my flats.

I snapped a few photos of the night. Please view and enjoy!
This is what I wore: Moo Moo 3 and the corset from Moo Moo 42. Oh, and the shoes from hell.
A bra I designed and made for last year's show was auctioned off this weekend for Rethink Breast Cancer. (It's Marilyn Monroe inspired.)
Yup, David Clemmer - I told him that I thought he was 'Adorable' - not sure how he took that. :) But he is, so what can you do?
Pretty girl ... but she needs to eat fooooood!!!
My G20 Moo. I had to circulate it ... had some interesting conversations as a result. Whew, some Torontonians are pissed off. And they should be.
Over all it was a lot of fun. Hat's off to Michelle and Paradigm Events, all the designers and vendors, and countless folks behind the scenes for pulling off another great event. Looking forward to next year!

I'll be working on Moo Moo 44 this week! Tune in on Sunday to see how that worked itself out.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jules Mae


  1. Telling somebody that they need to eat is not a very positive thing to say. Regardless of whether you are joking or it being sarcasm.

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment. My remark was mostly in jest, but also a comment on the fashion industry and how it tends to perpetuate the sickly slim silhouette - not that this girl in particular is sickly looking, though she certainly is very thin (and, as I've already mentioned, beautiful). I apologize if feelings were hurt. And I'm quite sure she is a lovely girl and does in fact eat food.
    Thank you for showing your concern :)