Sunday, September 12, 2010

Return of the Cape!

This week we are taking a break from our regularly scheduled programing (that would be Moo Moo 100) to make way for a fabulous re-entry.  The CAPE.
Fall is almost upon us and the change in weather here from humid and sticky to cooler and crisp has reminded me that I need to get working on some more of these wonderful capes!  Based on a pattern from the 70s, that was in my mom's huge stash of patterns, I have been giving this pattern a continual re-birthing over the past few years. I feel it's a rather classic look and so very unique looking, and that it transcends the fickleness of trend. I think it's more in line with the classic trench coat, than, say, the MJ zipper jacket trend.
But who are we kidding?  Red - leather - zippers. Still pretty cool, if you like that sort of look :) Some of us are still stuck in the 80s, now aren't we?

I've always leaned a little farther towards the 70s. Granola-girl-flowerchild ... that whole scene. These capes, however, while conceived in 70s, have a greater air of sophistication. I suppose that has something to do with the deep history of the cape in general. It's had a strong presence through the ages.  Grass-roots earthiness meets uptown glamor.
Now, with my capes I usually include a coordinating belt. I didn't with this one. I simply ran out of fabric. I managed to cut one and a half capes out of this lovely plaid, but it left no room for belts for both capes. So this cape is more of a poncho style, or, if you want, you can add your dang belt!  Like I did in some of the pictures above.

This one of a kind cape is for sale here:

Here are some other capes to tickle your eye sockets ...
For those of you who are in the Niagara/Greater Toronto area, I'll be selling my clothing and accessories along side many other talented artisans and designers, at the Brocante Lux Fashion and Art Market in St. Catharines, Ontario on Friday, Sept. 17th (11am-8pm). Do come by and see us before heading over to the Niagara Wine Fest!

Thanks for stopping by!

Jules Mae

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