Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moo Moo #41 Darling Ragamuffin

41 was initially intended to be part of a two-part moo. I am planning to delve more deeply into some more complicated period style accessories to help create various ways to 'Do the Moo'. I think it's lovely as is, and fortunately so, since I had run out of time for my new, complimenting, side project.  This week, I hope to spend some time developing additional accompaniments for my Moos.

I incorporated leftover seersucker from the Matrimonial Moo , and added some frilly bits to one side of the neckline.  You can see my slip peeking out from beneath the skirt, which I find charming. I think it would also be pretty spectacular with a coloured slip underneath .. turquoise, yellow ... maybe a soft pink.
I added one of my vintage belts for more definition. Of course, you can create whatever look you want with whatever belts you may have handy.

If you love this moo, it can be yours. Head on over to my Etsy store :)

Thanks for looking!!

Jules Mae

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