Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moo Moo 38 Let's Call Her Flo

Yes, I knew you'd notice. I've used this fabric in an earlier Moo ... number 16.
That's when I tried to introduce some kind of structure, or illusion of structure, into the pattern. This time, however, I wanted to emphasize the lack of structure, and how fabulous it can be in a billowy fabric. Flowy dresses have a way of making you feel sexy.

While wearing this I certainly felt glamorous. I felt like I needed fluffy pompom high heel slippers and a martini to accessorize it. Sadly, I had neither. Maybe next go. I did have to wear a dress slip underneath as the fabric is semi-sheer. My slip was kind of fitted, so it creates a nice silhouette when the light shines through the dress fabric.

I basically extended the sleeve line and then dropped it down all the way to the hem creating a square shape. I left slits at the bottom of both side seams.
The fabric print is not absolutely flawless .. upon close inspection you may notice a few spots where the dye ran, but it's nothing that takes away at all from the dress. In fact, I think it adds a very rich, one of a kind, charm to it.

And, while modeling it, I decided to try and capture the flowy effect ...
If this moo strikes your fancy, you can find it for sale on Etsy. (free shipping to continental North America - discounted shipping elsewhere).

Thanks so much for dropping in. I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Jules Mae

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