Sunday, July 25, 2010

Moo Moo # 37 Gingham Mushroom Caftan

After a week off I thought I'd catch up  and create two moos this week.  I did get two cut out ... and, as life would have it, I finished one. The other awaits the machine.  I decided to get my sewing studio painted instead. I have collections of stuff all over the house waiting to return to it's rightful place in the studio. It's kind of driving me nuts. So I figured the best use of my time this week was to just hurry up and finish in there. Of course, it's now Sunday, and there's still work to be done, but we've come a long way!

Moo 37 is a caftan, sort of like Moo 17 (Green Floral Caftan), with a few differences. It's shorter, no hood, and shorter sleeves. I added elastic at the hem (yes, I love to do this) and it creates the mushroom effect while keeping it comfy and versatile.  I made a detachable floral accessory that can be used anywhere on the garment, including using it to hike up the skirt in whichever way suits you. It would really be perfect as a swimsuit cover-up. I've modeled it here with leggings and boots (and in a few, with some fun heels). Can't really go wrong with boots!!

Below is a whole whack of photos and I decided to just throw them all in there because, well, I'm exhausted and decided not to spend any brain power on which to keep and which to axe. 

I'm learning how to streamline my creation process a bit, so you'll perhaps notice that reflected in lower pricing. You can find this Moo for sale on Etsy.

Thanks for checking in!

Enjoy your Sunday,

Jules Mae

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