Sunday, July 4, 2010

Moo Moo #36 - G20 Toronto

This week I'm posting some sketches of Moo Moo designs I came up with after reading and watching people's accounts of what happened to them in Toronto during the G20.  This is information that has been shared via social networking sites, and the like, outside of conventional media outlets which apparently only report what they are told to, and not necessarily what is really happening. It's all very disheartening and, quite frankly, a wake up call for citizens of so-called "FREE" countries.

I'd like to take one of the following sketches (or something similar) and create my next Moo. If this is where I can have a voice, then, dammit, I'll take it.

Click image to enlarge.

Find out more information about what people are saying about their experiences at the G20 here.
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Don't forget that you have a voice!

Jules Mae

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