Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moo Moo 36 G20 The Process

I'm writing from beautiful Montreal today. I'm in town for a wedding ... my former roommate and dear friend is gettin' hitched!
So this week,  since time has not allowed for a new moo, I'm dedicating my blog post to the creative evolution of Moo Moo 36. You might call it a bit of a collaboration.

A few weeks ago I received a twitter message from @RmmHayes, whom I've only met with through twitter, btw.  She sent me her idea for a Moo (click to enlarge). Thanks for this @RmmHayes!

This idea has been bubbling up in the back of my mind since then, and I was looking for an opportunity to use it. With the unfolding of the stories of ghastly assaults on civic liberties at the Toronto G20, I began to feel very disturbed, and in a deep way, betrayed by the powers that be in Canada. I needed to work this out in myself, so I began sketching.

I quickly decided that @RmmHayes design idea would lend itself nicely to what I wanted to express with this Moo. The sketch I ended up working off of is the second design on the first page.
I obviously let my creative instincts dictate the final result, as I just let things unfold while using the sketch as a jumping off point.

The 2 lends itself appropriately to the $ symbol. And the good ol' Maple Leaf in the 0.
The CN Tower = Toronto, so that was a given.
Here she is almost complete, but missing a few straps and ties, and looking rather bright and cheerful.
As you can see, I omitted sleeves in favor of arm cuffs with belt loops applied to their tops so they could be easily bound ... you know for when you meet the police at your peaceful protests, or when you are merely curious.
Now, the design for this is really just a tall rectangle with arm holes at the center point. The red slit at the bust line was born out of a brief moment of confusion, an itchy scissor finger, and some creative repair. A happy mistake. Let's leave it at that.

But it is still looking cheerful, isn't it? That's not really capturing my intention. Soooo let's bust out the tea!

I threw five tea bags in a 2 cup measuring cup and let them steep until the tea was lukewarm. Then I just went for it, dabbing and sprinkling where I saw fit. I let it dry in between applications to build up intensity.

(the sleeve cuff thingies)

And as the tea disappeared, I began leaving the teabags directly on the fabric for a few hours at a time.
And here is Tina, wearing the final piece:
Not so cheerful anymore.

Thanks for stopping in and checking up on my project. Next week I'll resume with Moo Moo 37.

Enjoy your weekend!

Jules Mae

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  1. Very expressive work! It's really an honour to have played a very small role in your process with a silly little drawing...and see you make something very meaningful. @rmmhayes