Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moo Moo #36 - Don't Bring Your Honey to the G20

When you're dancing with your honey, at the G20, and your nose gets kind of runny, don't think it's funny, 'cause it'snot.

Two weeks after the Toronto G20, there has been a massive public outcry for an independent investigation into security measures for that event. There have been numerous allegations of unjust detainment and abuse, not to mention massive disorganization, and even questions about who, really, were those guys in black ...and why were police seen parking their cruisers in position (for torching and vandalism) and walking away ....?

 The link below is one man's account of what happened to him, and his girlfriend (now fiancé) that weekend.

So, I've had a few weeks to process this in my own self and this Moo Moo is an expression of that process. It's utterly heartbreaking to me to think that this kind of thing goes down in MY Canada. It has been a jarring wake up  call that our so-called civilized peaceful nation is not immune to political manhandling and blatant abuse of power. I kind of want to throw up, just a little bit.

Notice something different about the model?  
It's not me!! Let me introduce you to my first guest model, the fabulous Tina Savoie.

Find more information on what really went down at the G20 here:!/g20inquiry

Later this week I'll be posting photos and details of the making of this Moo! 

Thanks for stopping by.

Jules Mae

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