Sunday, June 20, 2010

Moo Moo 34 A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Garden

I'm back, after a short break, with what was at first loosely intended to be a garden inspired Moo. While I still feel this one is Garden-ish, it is the result of a dramatic new beginning part way through the project.
You see, I had started with the original Moo Moo under dress in the deep purple and then continued on to create a garden apron complete with pockets and embellishments. I love mixing color, pattern and texture, so I try to allow myself to throw caution to the wind when it comes to mixing things up. This time, however, the feeling of imminent doom was beginning to hang over my sewing table like a dark cloud. So, instead of wallowing in it, I put the original apron aside and began a fresh start. 
I added some filigree embellished gold-colored heart buttons to the front of the apron. There are also tucks at the hem, which you can most clearly notice in the first photo. A pleat at center back and long shoulder straps give this addition to the Moo some versatility. Wear the straps straight or criss-cross them (which will bring the topline of the apron up over your bust, instead of lazily under them). There is still quite a lot going on visually with this Moo, and my strappy-stripey shoes are "mixing shit up" some more. I haven't decided if it works yet - the shoe/moo combo.
 This last photo is a detail of the Moo's upper pocket. I let the stitches dance around a bit, adding whimsy.

And what's to become of the original apron of doom?  Oh, it'll work. Some other time, with some other Moo.

Thanks for stopping in! Happy Father's Day to all the dear ol' dads out there!!

Jules Mae

You can find this Moo for sale on Etsy.

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