Sunday, June 6, 2010

Moo Moo #33 A Way Back Into Love

I watched Music and Lyrics this week. I have to say, I fell in love with a few of the outfits Drew Barrymore wore in the film. Yes, and "Pop! Goes My Heart" heheh. It's a pretty good chick flick, and fun if you are into Drew and Hugh, and 80's has beens.
The jumping off point for Moo Moo 33's design came from this dress:
 It ended up in a different place, but it was it's inspiration nonetheless. I love the diagonal sweeping lines of fabric. Drew's dress looks like the diagonal design is printed, while I had to piece fabric together to get the effect. And I left my diagonal all the way to the hem, which is longer than Drew's, in the end. The sleeves are still a drop shoulder, consistent with past moos, though pleated along the top, and I've added semi-sheer plaid sleeve extensions which cape down toward the rib cage.
The bottom diagonal stripe extends far enough to tie a bow at the side seam. It's a droopy bow. And it's completely charming! You'll notice a ruffled rosette which I fastened to the side seam. I also appliqued a small embellishment on the back hip ... just a little swirl of  red and black checked fabric, the matching the rosette.
The belt is the same fabric as the bottom stripe AND the same fabric I used for Moo Moo #2.
This belt is quite wide and therefore really versatile!  Is it a belt? a scarf? a head scarf? a shawl?  Yup.
If you found a way back into love (wha? just watch the movie) and want to own this dress, you can find it here at my shop.

I'll be taking a small hiatus from my weekly updates (just skipping one week, is all). You can look forward to Moo Moo #34 to be posted two Sunday's from now (June 20).

Thanks for stopping by!

Jules Mae

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