Sunday, May 23, 2010

Moo Moo #31 Shut Up and Make Me A Martini

I love, Love, LOVE mixing patterns and textures and I think the color teal is pretty great too.  Moo Moo 31 emerged out of my stash of fabrics like a plaid and patterned goddess. I pieced it together loosely in my mind first and then just sort of let it tell me how it really wanted to be put together from there. Okay, am I sounding like a flaky airy-fairy artist yet?  Oh shut up, and make me a martini! ;P
The huge pocket is silk screened with a martini and a couple olives, which I experimented with last year sometime on several scraps of fabric. I'm sure you will see more of this in coming Moos.
I made the neckline peasant style ... what's the technical term? ... and it's gathered with a narrow elastic.  From there I basically layered the fabrics like an English Trifle, added a few peek-a-boo pleats in the front and back and ended up with something delicious, and not at all hard on your waistline. It's a Moo Moo!  You don't even need to have a waistline to wear one of these suckers.  And yet, you can cinch them in with a belt and "BOOM", instant definition. Would you do a Moo?
Thanks for stopping bye for a looskie! If you are interested in owning this Moo, have a look here!

Jules Mae

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