Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moo Moo #30 Rags to Riches

So, this was one of those ones that I kind of dreamed up beforehand, and made a little sketch of before I started. It's pretty close to what I had imagined. Except a little sparser.
I used a purple jacquard for the top and the skirt is a butter cream yellow, bordered by a cream floral hem (yes, it was a vintage bed sheet at one time, thoroughly laundered, of course).  The long tassels - for lack of a better term - are comprised of remnants and other rescued fabrics which I tore up and knotted randomly. Some of the edges of which are left raw, and others are treated with a rolled hem. I think its a nice contrast to the regal feeling of the jacquard. I scooped out the neck a bit and added a mandarin collar because it just felt like the right thing to do. As you can see above, I added three applique hearts on the back collar. That's because I love you, as my 5 yr old would say. He's clomping around the house right now in the "fancy shoes" I used in the photo shoot. He likes how they "change his feet" to standing on his tippy toes. Nifty! Try standing in them for 10 hours on concrete. That changes your feet too. Into PAIN. Sigh, shoes.
Here's the Moo!!!
Thanks so much for stopping in!
Only 70 more to go!!

Jules Mae

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