Saturday, May 8, 2010

Moo Moo #29 Preach it Sister

Okay, here is my "I'm really not that mean" disclaimer. Stuff circulates on the internet ... sometimes people mean for it to be funny, sometimes they just are really passionate about what they put out there, and it just comes off as funny. I'm not really sure exactly where this little clip fits in. So, I apologize if I'm perpetuating a bad experience for this woman. BUT if she's loving the attention, I'm glad to pitch in!

That being said, this was the inspiration for this week's Moo Moo:

Note the gold lamé office chair cover. It's a really nice touch.  Warning, do not watch it too many times, or you will most certainly be humming this little tune in the office on Monday. Unless you really dig it, then go for it! My husband has been singing it all week!
Now my turn!
Yes, I even tried to achieve a similar psychedelic background for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately I do not have any gold lamé kickin' around, or, you betcha, you'd be seeing it on my office chair!  I did get to use a rather nicely clashing shiny red fabric that was left over from Moo Moo #3!

The quality of the footage isn't awesome so it was hard to see the details in the moo moo. It almost looks like she has a moo moo jacket over her under-moo.  I didn't do a jacket. I made it as though it was all one piece.
Kind of a bateau neckline and the sleeves are gathered midway and "bell" out a bit. I realize the inspiration garment has wider sleeves. Maybe next go.
This Moo is made out of a knit that I can't quite place exactly what it's contents are. It's silky feeling and has a 2 way stretch. Feels very sassy!  The belt is just a hunk of left over fabric, with unfinished edges. That's the great thing about knits; they don't fray!  So, wear the belt as a belt, or as a scarf!!

And if you are not a Crazy Preacher Lady, you may want to wear this Moo like this:
Thanks for stopping in!  And if you are reading this "Crazy Preacher Lady" (who I'm sure is a delightful woman), thank you for the inspiration. Your Moo Moo is really quite lovely. Drop me a line and I'll make you a Moo Moo for your next video!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mothers, Grandmothers and Mothers to Be out there!

Jules Mae

PS: you can own this very inspired Moo. Just go here!

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