Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Much Happening for Earth Day!!

With it being only a couple days away, there's a lot of buzz and contests happening to celebrate Earth Day. I'm sure most of us think it's a better idea to be kind to the earth EVERYDAY, but it's still nice to have one day singled out as a reminder that, "The world owes you nothing, it was here first." (Mark Twain)

With that in mind, I've asked my culinary-loving  cousin Amy, if she would mind creating an earth friendly recipe I could share with you all. She authors the blog, The Hungry Teacher, because, well, she's a teacher who really likes food.  Visit her blog for a lovely Frittata recipe which encourages you to use local produce and eggs in your area. She mentions the book, “The 100 Mile Diet” by Alisa Smith and James (JB) MacKinnon. I haven't read it yet, but I certainly get the drift.
 Find her delicious recipe here!! I'm going to try it this week!

On the Moo Moo front, here's what's going on this week.
First of all, I need to mention a fantastic contest that is going on this very moment where YOU could enter to WIN your very own Moo Moo. Moo Moo #10, to be specific.  The contest is happening in partnership with the fabulous RikRak Studio. In fact, she has been running ongoing contests for the past few weeks leading up to Earth Day. Checkout her blog for all of the details.
And finally, last, but not least, I'm part of a collection of Artisans on Etsy who are all passionate about doing our part to be earth friendly. We're called, EcoEtsy.  EcoEtsy is running an Earth Day auction of so many gorgeous products contributed by many of our members.  All proceeds will be donated to an environmental organization. So, go and bid!!

I've contributed a headband I made with an upcycled vintage men's necktie which I appliqued and embroidered. This one:
It's really much prettier than the picture. Like "gasp!" pretty.

So, that's what's shakin' round here for the next few days!!  Oh! And Moo Moo's go on sale SOOOOOOON!  I'll let you know when they are all listed and ready to go!

Thanks for reading,

Jules Mae


  1. That recipe looks WONDERFUL!
    And your moo moo is, of course, fabulous!