Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moo moo #27 Toucan Samantha

Well, my husband, Tony, says this one reminds him of Mary-Anne (Gilligan's Island). I can see that ... the bodice is very down-home (I think it's a lightweight linen)  and the skirt is very "stuck in a jungle".
I made the most of what fabric I had for this moo, piecing the skirt together in strips (ruffles) and adding a strip of linen to the back hemline.  The belt is simple a strip of red jersey knit (which I also used around the neckline). I left the edges raw. I simply just cut it to shape.  It's stretchy so you can tie it in the back, or stretch it back around to the front. Have a looksie below! Haha, bear with me. I obviously was a supermodel in my former life. Or at least a department store magazine model.

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Thanks for stopping in!

Jules Mae


  1. I like to fun and refreshing look in this design. Keep up the fun and unique creations:0)

  2. I really like this one... you can tell it gives more of an hourglass shape, which I love!!