Sunday, April 18, 2010

Moo Moo #26 Matrimonial Moo

I have my mother's wedding dress that she made when she married my father. She was 18.  It's made from white seersucker. So, naturally when I came across a bunch of white seersucker, it instantly screamed out to me, "wedding!!"  This particular seersucker has these lovely stripes running horizontally through it. It's quite mesmerizing. I think it makes for a very romantic, maybe beach-side, or countryside, wedding dress.

Notice the slit up the one side. I placed small button holes at the seam on the front and back skirt so that it can be fastened to the side with a vintage button, for when you don't want to trip over it.  I added a few hearts to the front and back for some whimsy and to deal with a couple small  (very small) issues with the fabric. That's part of my love affair with found fabrics. You never know what treasures you'll find, and what kind of challenges you'll have to creatively work with.
And, of course, bum ruffles!  Gotta have those. What are those really called, anyway?  I made them out of some cotton eyelet trim which I found a roll of in my travels.  I also pleated some of it and added it to the neckline.

And now, more PICTURES!!!

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Jules Mae