Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moo Moo 25!!!! Lavender and Butterflies

25 and the project is still ALIVE!  Only 75 more to go. Pshhhhht! No problem, right?

So the background in the above image is a portion of a painting that appears in several of the most recent moo moo photos. I started it several years ago (an oil underpainting) and now, since I no longer paint with oils, we just hang it in our living room and pretend that it's actually a finished piece. And hey, why not?? As far as I can recall, it was a depiction of a turn of the century Ukrainian folk dance/festival involving bears .... yeah, could have been a gooder. As it is, my husband says it looks like lava is swallowing up a town ... with dancing bears.   Sounds good to me.

Onward to number 25!! So thrilling to be one quarter of the way there, and, hey, thanks for adventuring along with me! I've noticed you noticing, so thanks.

Since spring is here, lavender and butterflies are in order.  The butterflies are hand made, using scraps of fabric from several previous Moo Moos. And the polka dotted neck line hearkens back to the days of Moo Moo 20.
You'll notice that I just removed the tie from the waist and draped it up around the neck in the last photo above. There is a single belt loop at the center front to keep the belt anchored.

I placed vintage flower buttons at each side seam on the skirt and made small straps for optional gathering at the hem. Just so you can show a little more leg if you want to. It's always nice to have options, isn't it ladies?

We had some beautiful weather so far this spring ... I have a tan!!  Yes, it's a farmers tan, what did you expect? And my legs are still as pasty as all get-out.  They almost look as lavender as the dress.  But, I'm not afraid.

Thanks for stopping by!  Here's to the next 25! Stay tuned for details on how YOU can own your very own, one of a kind, Jules Mae Moo Moo! 

Jules Mae

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