Sunday, April 4, 2010

Moo Moo 24 Reversible Conversable

Yes, this Moo is completely reversible! It also completely compliments a chill disposition and will be your best friend on those lovely breezy spring days.  The fabric has a fantastic drape to it. The sleeves kind of wing out under the arms a bit, giving you lots of room for the girls to breath. I chose to use a contrasting thread color to add to it's "down-home" artsy-fartsy feel.  The stitch lines are all over the place too (as in, no straight lines). Sort of sketch-like, I suppose. The neckline is a drawstring and can be adjusted according to how much , ahem, attention you want to attract.
Lots of photos today!!
Thanks for stopping in!!
Happy Easter!!

Jules Mae


  1. Totally love it Julie. Fresh, breezy, fun! And you make such a great model.