Saturday, March 27, 2010

Moo Moo #23 The Other Tropical Yellow Girl

Here she is, #22's twin sister. And as it would happen, they are not identical! Made up of the same basic genetic information, but very different personalities.

Polka dots on top of a loud floral print? And swirly boobs?  I think it works :)
Thanks for looking!!
Jules Mae


  1. I like these pics - and the lovely orange painting at the back!

  2. Hey Azra! Fancy bumping into you here! Thanks :) The painting is one I started well over ten years ago and it never made it past it's "under-painting" stage! Haha, We've grown to love it just as it is.
    Everybody reading this should definitely check out Azra's work:

  3. Wow! What wonderful fashion wares..