Sunday, March 7, 2010

Moo Moo #20 Twenty's Plenty

Yay!  Number twenty is here! Only 80 more to go ... hmmm, okay, let's not say it that way. 1/5th of the way there!!  Wahoo!

The upper dotty stuff is a vintage stretch fabric, and the bottom front panel is, well, part of some curtains, probably from Ikea at one point. The rest of which is actually hanging in my living room as you read this.
I cut out the pattern with the longer sleeves all as one piece, well, front then back. So two pieces. I added a collar and let it open at one shoulder seam, leaving a bit of a tail on one end. Fun, fun, fun!

Thanks for stopping by! 
Looking forward to the next 20!

Jules Mae


  1. Oh Julie, you're adorable! I love your poses and the card idea is great! These are sure fun to look at - every one is so different!! Looking forward to the next 80 (or 4/5 if you prefer :P)

  2. Ha Ha! Thanks Em. I love that you comment here all the time. Makes me feel loved :)
    I can't believe there are still 80 more!!!