Saturday, February 27, 2010

Moo Moo #18 Bohemian Mini

I love this one. It kind of put itself together.  I had this small piece of ethnic fabric that I wanted to make the most of. It had a few issues (it wasn't flawless) that I had to work around, like a few spots where I could tell it was washed with something red (which may or may not have been my fault). I managed to deal with most of it, and cut around the rest of it.
the fabric I used for the back was a fairly small amount of fabric too, so I'm glad I could marry the two and make a cohesive unit.
I have a ruffler foot that was my mothers (so it's maybe a good thirty years old) that works like a charm. It's similar to the one talked about here. So I used it on the contrasting band on the front of the moo moo.  I love the texture it adds.
I introduced yet another fabric for the bottom skirt and gathered it in three separate spots. I also used this fabric for side seam pockets.
The neckline, you''ll notice, is the same as in Moo Moo #4, except that this time the fabric used is a woven, and not a knit.

And, here it is on a real person ...
Thanks for taking the time to stop in for a looksie.

Jules Mae


  1. This is rocking! Your best one yet!!

  2. Agreed!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!!

  3. nanks Em!! I love it when a plan (that wasn't really a plan at all) comes together :)