Sunday, February 21, 2010

Moo Moo #17 It's Magical? No, Mystical? Well, It's a Caftan.

Yes, Caftan (or Kaftan depending on how you want to spell it) is as mystifying as the Moo Moo, and has been worn by both men and women through the ages.  Uhuh, I DID use the same fabric as Moo Moo #1. Good eye. I have a lot of it, so expect a few more.

This is how I easily transformed the Moo Moo into a Caftan. The photo is pretty self explanatory. I made the sleeves super long to give me ample room for pleats along the arms. 
I drafted a hood pattern from my handy dandy drafting text, page 530.
And, the obligatory modeling of the garment ....
Of course, it really lends itself to what's coming next ...

Magical, right? Let me know if anyone needs a Fairy Godmother. Royal palaces, or somewhere tropical maybe....?
Thanks for stopping by!!

Jules Mae

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