Saturday, January 9, 2010

Moo Moo part Deux

The fabric I used is not cotton, as opposed to the first dress, which I believe is.  This is probably a polyester and has a medium-weighty, slinky sort of feel.  It has a decent drape, but also a bit of static cling.  I'm planning to wear this to my husband's work party tonight, so I should research an easy solution for static cling in cold weather. Otherwise I'd better hope it just clings to my greater assets, ahem.

I started with the same basic pattern, and deconstructed it a bit. I removed the sleeves and the pockets, and deleted the back zipper in favor of a simple single button closure. I cropped the hem length up several inches higher to allow it to rest at the knee, or slightly above. I kept the neck line as indicated on the original pattern, and made a SUPER long belt that can wrap around the waist two or three times.  As you can see, the belt can double as a scarf, and you can go belt-less sporting a true moo-moo.   Or use a woven or leather belt.  What ev's.

I do like the drop shoulders on this dress, especially in this fabric. Feels very sassy. 
Next, I'll try a v-neck, and a few added embellishments.  Stay tuned ....

Thanks for reading!

Jules Mae

PS: an article I found on dealing with static cling: 

Okay, as promised in the comments section,  here is couple pics of me in the moo-moo. Note to self: next time wear a camis or tank top underneath. The armholes are a bit roomie. Haha.  Otherwise fabulous!


  1. It's beautiful Julie and I think you'll look stunning. Post some pics of you in it?

    Btw, I don't use dryer sheets in the dryer (you know, those things you throw in the dryer to prevent static) BUT I've found them useful to rub on the inside of your garment before you head out to prevent the cling. Sandy S.

  2. Hi Sandy, thanks for the comment, and compliment!
    I don't use dryer sheets either, and usually most of my clothing is okay. I don't usually wear this kind of fabric so thanks for the tip. I'm meeting my hubby's work mates for the first time so the last thing I want is cling-um-butt.

    I'll try to get a few good pics of me wearing it tonight and post tomorrow!