Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moo Moo #8 Trees Please

My favorite one yet.

I love the weight of this fabric. It's more of a light/medium weight canvas. I'm pretty sure it was a trendy curtain at one point. Heck if I had the other panel I might have forgone the dress and just hung them in my window.  But, as fate would see it, this panel became a dress.  The tie is a medium weight cotton in a different print.

Thanks for looking! Moo Moo #9 tomorrow!

Jules Mae


  1. You make the moo moo look cute!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally thought they were only for overweight women. But you changed my mind! Love it!

  2. Haha, thanks! I think that is what generally comes to mind for most. Maybe I can help redefine the Moo Moo for others too! Thanks for your comment!!

  3. Wow! LOVE this material! I wish I could try it on and see if it worked for me. Totally cute!

  4. Thanks Emily. I know, I wish I could rig some sort of magical virtual fitting room.