Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moo Moo #6

Isn't the Moo Moo historically a tropical gown?  I came across the perfect fabric for that tropical flavor!  It's a rayon, in fact, the same fabric I used on the bottom panel of Moo Moo #5 . I made the sleeves the widest yet, and added a drawstring only to the front waist. The back flows free.  The neckline is scooped out and pleated and finished with a dark chocolate colored satin bias tape which is fastened at the back with a button.
Okay, I got a little bored with the modeling end of it, so I decided to really go for it this time. Look out Next Top Model!  uhhh, well, I wouldn't make the height requirement ... and I do look like I actually eat food, soooo until the modeling world adjusts their sights a little, I don't think I should really quit my day job.  Besides, the drama would kill me.  But whatever ...TahDaaaaaaHHh!

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