Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moo Moo #5

This one is pretty fun.  I omitted the sleeves and deepened and then gathered the neckline which I left as a "raw" unfinished layered look.  The fabric here is a light weight knit. It's a tad see-through, but nothing a slip won't remedy. This would also be a pretty great swim suit cover-up.  The red band on the bottom is likely rayon (all the fabrics I use are "found" from thrift stores and whatnot).  It's fun to wear and feels great on. The belt is the remnants of fabric after cutting the pattern out. So nothing special there, but seems to work regardless.  If I had more of this fabric, I would have liked to have added pockets.  Sigh, pockets are good :)
I've posted some self portraits below. Haha, the ball is a nice touch.

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