Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moo Moo #4

This one is made out of a jersey knit, which makes it an easy slip-on-over-the-head kind of dress. No zippers, no buttons.  I pulled out my "new to me" pattern making book that I scored from a fashion student at a local collage. I bought it a couple of months ago, but only really looked at it today.  Pretty exciting!!  Its called, "Pattern Making of Fashion Design" by Helen Joseph-Armstrong. So far it's pretty easy to follow.
So, I decided to try a raised bateau collar ... haha, well, it would have been more successful with a more substantial fabric, but as it is, this knit kind of lent it a bit of a cowl look. So, it's a keeper.
The belt is actually a loop of the same fabric. It's wound around me twice as a belt in one pic, and cris-crossed over my chest in another pic for another look. It was fun to experiment with ... can be worn lower on the hip too for a drop-hip look (which only makes me look shorter, but if you are tall, or have a shorter torso and longer legs, it could work).
I made the sleeves extra wide, which I actually really dig. And I shortened the hem up to give it more of a flirty feel.
Click on the photos to enlarge :)

Jules Mae

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