Sunday, January 10, 2010

Moo Moo 100 and #3

Well, Moo Moo number three comes with an interesting proposal.  I've decided to set some parameters and see how creative I can get within those parameters, ranging from beautifully simple, to detailed and maybe even ornate, and, I hope, ridiculous ... wherever the winds carry me.  The catch is that the basic pattern remains the same.  The Moo Moo.  I propose to make 100 unique Moo Moos in the coming months, exploring fabric, texture, drape, embellishments and whatever design whims may come to me. I generally like making more tailored form fitting items, so I'm excited to explore a pretty much shapeless garment and see what I can come up with, yet, even as I'm writing this I'm nervous about what the next several months may bring and what my artistic process may look like.

My past two posts have featured Moo Moo's #1, and #2.

The third addition, which I finished this afternoon, is made of a slinky, semi-transparent, shiny red synthetic material that has a bit of stretch in it.  It's thin, but drapes really nicely on the body.

I placed a seam down the center front and added a V-neckline as well as a slit at the front center hem so that a knot can be tied. I love knots.  I added fancy pleated trim around the v-neck and on the shoulders (where I also added a few small pleats on the shoulder seam itself).  There is a button closure at the back neck similar to Moo Moo #2.

The belt is fastened with a carved belt ring thingy (getting technical here, watch out) that I found at a thrift store.  I would definitely wear a full slip under this or it could be cute with leggings and a camis or even a long sleeve shirt (turtleneck? - I hate that word) under to casual it up a bit more.

I slipped it on to give you an idea of how it would fall on a body, with and without the belt.

Thanks for reading!

Jules Mae


  1. I'd love to see a pic with one of the knots you love!

  2. hi Keri! This one actually has a knot at the knee. I'm posting Moo Moo #4 tonight which has no knots, but I'll incorporate some in upcoming Moo Moos. Thanks for your comment!

    Jules Mae