Thursday, December 17, 2009

Portobello East December Vendors Part 2

Portobello East Art and Fashion Market:  Let's start with a couple illustrators this time around.
First we have Shane Kirshenblatt.  He can also be found on Etsy.

Next, Kurt Lehner, Illustrator and Animator.

Curious Oddities  Mechanical Relics, Archaic Dreams & Old World Treasures.

Bénédicte Wiggett's The Girl in Yellow

Nancy Rosa  delighted us with her line of unique versatile dresses: mymommadethat

Penelope's Earth Bag. A collection of bags made from repurposed vintage materials. Contact Penelope here.

Amelia Musselman and Constance O'Heare's Elladora.  Made in Canada using natural, recycled & organic materials.

Clare at The Brit Boutique.  One of a kind handmade leather creations.

Erin Joy Stanfield's Maudlin & Joy Clothing. Made in Canada with eco-friendly fibers.


Moonlight for Violet.  A collection of jewelry with vintage flair and a modern twist. Her Etsy shop can be found here.

Urban Fusions by Jennifer Aube. Fused glass belt buckles, pendants, magnet sets, custom orders and more.

Squishy Fish is a Canadian owned and operated baby and toddler clothing company that blends eco-friendly fabrics with creative, stylish design.

Haydee McFarland's Fickle Fibres

MAAE Jewelery. Handcrafted by designer Gillian Johnson.

Shiny Bits by jewelry designer Amy Grisé.

That sums up part 2 of my look at the Portobello East Fashion and Art Holiday Market. Come back tomorrow evening for a look at the remainder of the vendors from last weekend's sale.

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