Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Overview of Portobello East

So, the weekend was slow. Not at all disastrous, just noticeably fewer shoppers out than one would expect. Maybe they were deterred by the freezing cold one day and pouring rain the next, and  maybe, like so many others in North America, people are still so affected by this economic slump.

Aside from all of that, the event allowed for many connections with genuinely great people. 
The venue was nice, and the organizers were attentive and pleasant. This is the last sale until the spring when it will return, in possibly a different venue, as a once monthly event.  Check www.portobelloeast.com for updates.

The Burroughes Building, Queen Street West

In the coming days I will post photos and links highlighting various vendors at this month's Portobello East Market.  
Check here for my first installment. More coming soon.

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